Am I Medicare Supplement plan eligible if I own a Medicare Advantage plan?

Medicare supplement plans fail to work with the plans of Medicare Advantage. In case you plan to switch from original Medicare to the Advantage plan, there is a need for you to drop your Medicare Supplement plan ad you may be paying for the benefits that may not be used with Medicare Advantage Plan. However, if you are not certain if you have to go to Original Medicare or not, you must know it may be difficult to later get the Medicare supplement plan, in case of health problems, besides if you do not possess the guaranteed-issue rights.

Switching to Medicare Advantage and wanting to get back later to Traditional Medicare implies you can buy under certain situations Medicare supplement policy, if you are qualified for ‘trial rights’. Trial rights allow you to join for one-year the Medicare Advantage plan in case you are enrolling for the first time in Medicare Part C. In case, you are not happy with this plan, you can always return anytime to the Traditional Medicare within a year. However, if you dropped any of the Medicare Supplement plans to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans,  you can apply for the same policy that you previously had, in case the policy is available and is provided by the insurance company, same as before.

In case, Medicare Supplement Plans of the former are not available any longer, you may have a special trial to enrol in any plan A, B, C, F, K or L, provided in your state by any insurance company. You may have your Medicare Supplement Policy in effect with your Medicare advantage coverage such that the coverage is safeguarded. You may apply before 60 days prior to the end of Medicare Advantage coverage and not later than 63 days after the coverage plan ends.

You possess the right to buy certified Medicare Supplement Plans in other special situations and a few examples are:

  • Your Medicare Advantage plan stops giving services in the area you reside.
  • Your Medicare Advantage plan leaves the Medicare.
  • Your Medicare Supplement Insurance company breaks rules or goes bankrupt
  • You move away from the service area of Medicare Advantage plans.

Under such circumstances, you may buy any Medicare Supplement Plans sold in your state. Remember, to get back to Original Medicare to get a Medicare Supplement policy.

Tip: It is considered illegal to sell Medicare Supplement policy if a person knows you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plan, except that you switch to Original Medicare back.

Can you switch from Medicare advantage to medicare supplement plan?

Many people get confused whether they should be purchasing Medicare advantage plan or medicare supplement plan. This is because both of tend to promise that they will be offering the same benefits. Both of them cover the extra charges for Medicare part A and Part B thereby allowing you to be stress-free about paying the charges. One significant thing to notice is that they both are offered by private insurance companies. Thus, if you have already enrolled yourself in a Medicare advantage plan, you won’t get the advantage to enroll in Medicare supplement plan.


What is medicare advantage plan?

Medicare advantage plan offers extra coverage on the amount that are usually not included in Medicare Part A and B. Also, medicare advantage plans are considered to be beneficial because in some cases they may offer charges for different, dental, vision and wellness programs. Most of the times, these even cover for the Medicare Prescription Drug or Part D.


What is medicare supplement plan?  Find out more here

The Medicare supplement plan are offered by private insurance companies which help to cover the charges that aren’t covered by original medicare. These are also referred to as Medigap policies. The supplement plan offers coverage for coinsurance, copayment and yearly deductibles.


Can you switch between them?

There are two conditions under which you can switch your medicare advantage plan to the Medicare supplement plan such as annual open enrollment period or when you are shifting.


The annual open enrollment period is the time between October to December each year. In this time, you should analyze and calculate the insurance coverage and determine if you need changes and thus, you can have them. Once you get everything and analyze the change, and it will come into effect from the 1st of January in the new year.


If you are shifting from one place to another, you should know that your medical advantage plan will cease to be in effect in the area. There is a wide difference in the services provided in the areas. You may either select any private insurance company or transfer your policy to medicare supplement plan or original medicare. You should switch depending on your requirements. You also have the option for going to special enrollment period switch if you have any Medicare advantage plan, since they will cease to be in effect into your recent area.


You should check with your insurer, before making any switch.

Can your insurance company cancel your Medicare supplement plan?

Most of the 2019 Medicare supplement plan owners are often confused whether the insurance company can cancel their registration or not. Although it sounds pretty much relevant, it is clear that no company can do that you. However there are certain conditions that are applicable in this condition which you completely need to be careful about. First, you should not have lied about yourself in the application. Second, you should be paying your premium for the policy from time to time. If there was any misleading information regarding you in the application, the Medicare supplement insurance agency has the full liability to cancel the registration.


Why should they do it?

Misleading information may be the only reason why your insurance company will drop you out of the coverage. Nonetheless, there are exceptions, where the insurance company will prevent the plan and you may not hold to be valid. In that manner, the insurance company will have to return the coverage or transfer it to any other plan which may either be similar or somewhat different. If any of these things are to be happening, your insurance company should be the one to inform you. Therefore, if the Medigap insurance company is transferring your Medicare supplement plan, they must be the one to inform you in advance. If any changes are to be made, your Medicare company should be informing you. Therefore, it is important because you need to discuss and replace with that of your previous one.


Should you be cautious?

Well, you should be pretty cautious and keep everything essential in your mind. Before transferring your plan you should be made aware of the possible benefits. It is necessary to check what kind of plan you will be supplied in replacement to avoid any harassment. Being transferred into a new plan which is wrong can be pretty annoying.


You should check with the insurance company. If they have been cancelling a plan and transferring you to a new one, you should make sure you ask them and clear your doubts. Since they will be informing you about the transfer, you should make sure you consult with the people and clear out all the cases. In case of any doubt, you should check for all the claims.


Nonetheless, if they have been dropping you out of the plan, you should ensure you check the reason. This will help you to stay cautious from any of the mistakes in the next plan.

Top Important Facts about Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

If you are thinking about buying any Medicare Supplement plans so that you get help while paying medicinal plans from your home, you should know few basic important things about Medicare so that you do not face any problems when you are going to buy such plans.

  1. checking for eligibility: choosing the best plan according to your eligibility

Big medical insurance companies give out Medicare Supplement plans according to the person’s history, conditions etc. You have to go through a lot of background check before you can apply or buy a medical plan.  Get a quote for AARP Plans at

The medical insurance company can charge you more for plan or can remove you from a plan according to your eligibility criteria. When you apply during “open enrolment “period during this time you can apply for any medical plan as companies during this time do not check for any background details except your address and DOB.

AARP Medicare Plans

  1. different medical plans have different price points

Medical insurance companies sell different Medicare Supplement plans made for a variety of customers so that everyone can avail Medigap. Medical insurance companies have monthly subscription premium plans and they set these plans according to your insurance plan.

There are mainly 3 types of price points

  • No age-related (community rated price) plan= There is no age limit of these type of premium plans.
  • First age entry related (issue date) plan= these type of plans require an age limit. The premium value of these planes is set up according to your age limit.
  • Attained age entry related plan=these types of plan require your current age. When you buy this kind of plan that time is considered as your plan issue date and the premium of these kinds of plans goes up from your issue date.


  1. nobody can have two medical plans at the same time

There are many types of health insurance you can choose from to support your medical needs but there is a catch, anyone can buy one type of insurance or Medicare Supplement plans at a time.

You can either buy supplement plans or you can buy any type of Medicare insurance at the same time, you can’t have both. Medical insurance is given by private companies they hold different standers of screening patients and they have different monthly plans.

Medicare plans are given by private companies subsidized by the government they have their own benefit and different advantage plan.

These are the few things you should know before choosing the right Medicare plan for yourself

Hope you find this article useful.

Basic Facts You Should Know Before You Buy Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage plans or the Medigap is an integral part of today’s health care and 9 out of 10 doctors recommend Medigap so that you can have the best treatment at your local hospital.

So, if you are thinking about buying a advantage plan with your money so that you can have the best facilities a hospital can provide, you should know a few basic facts about these Medicare insurance plans.

Here today we are going to talk about Medigap or Medicare Advantage plans basically Medigap are different from big company’s medical insurance plans as because you need to have a regular medical policy plan before we can take advantage of Medigap.

Secondly, Medigap only takes in customers having an original medical insurance plan beforehand. You must possess an original medical insurance plan.

1 standardized name for all companies

Medicare Advantage plans are sold by visiting Big private companies which give out Medigap are sometimes subsidized by the government and sometimes they are not, these effects the premium of Medicare plans sold by these companies.

Government subsidized Medicare insurance companies have fewer planes to give out as they have huge medical advantages. All over the state, the Medicare companies have standardized their medical plans into categories according to name ranging from a ton. so that when you are switching a medical insurance company you can find your plan easily and buy the plan from the new company.

2 Medicare plans don’t cover everything

You know that in today’s world it is really easy to buy a Medicare Advantage plans. This kind of plans provided by companies first check out the background information of the customers such as medical history and your current health condition to check that if you meet the eligibility criteria of the plan.

Most of the Medicare plan covers around 50 to 99 % of benefits. There are nos such plans which cover all your medical problems. There are a few problems which the Medicare or Medigap plans do not cover for example nursing care services or long-term care services, routine vision checkup or dental check-up services, eyeglasses etc.

3 you can’t buy two type of medical insurance from different companies at the same time you can buy new medical insurance one the old one expires.

Hope this information was helpful and will guide you to choose the correct Medicare Advantage plans.


Constitutive Exigency of Suitable Medicare Advantage Plans For Healthy and Prosperous Future

The Medicare policies are the most trusted policies in the United States. These policies hold each stage with the patient to provide the prime support with the essential finance. There are yearly amendments in these plans which maintain the flexibility of policy along with the facilities for the patients. The government enforces the people to have the health care policy of each member in the policy. This is due to the polluted environment, stressful and challenging lifestyles with the compromising food and eating habits.

The humans today commend to have the shortcut in each of their aspect in life which eventually leads several misbalancing in the human body. The doctors continuously advice people to stay honest and communicating with their body. Still, certain disequilibrium affects adversely the human body and thus the need of policy is mandatory in this period of time. The policies provide the base support to the patient with essential payments, funds with the active policies. This is this reason the companies and government motivate people to pay the timely premiums of the Medicare advantage plans.

Detailed explanation of Medicare advantage plans is @

The complete explanation of these plans includes many points which people need to understand before selecting the policy. The policy has different parts covering different mediums of patient treatments. The recent updating program has introduced the three basic advantages of the Medicare advantage plans.

The three beneficial parts in single policy cover almost all the facilities in each part of the policy. Many parts are still optional in the policy of health care but the three basic parts cover most of the coverage from each part of the policy. Here are the descriptions:

Medicare Copayments:

This structure provides out of the pocket payment method to the individual. The copayment structure covers the essential prescribed drugs and tests during the treatment of the patient. The copayments are eventually reimbursed in many cases by the insurance companies.

Medicare coinsurance:

This part includes the most benefits of Medigap policy part B. This plan makes the patient pay just their share of payment in the essential treatment. The treatment cost of Medicare advantage plans pays the maximum 80% payment of any type of treatment essentials. Hence the patients have to give just 20% of the complete cost.

Medicare premium:

The premium payment is an integral part of each health care plan. Here the premium is made more flexible with the choice to pay the premium monthly, quarterly or annually.

Sequester Parts Describing the Medicare Supplement Plans with Lucrative Coverage with Frugal Premiums

The Medigap the well-known policy in the United States and most people have the policy as their necessary need. The policy is completely trusted by the customers because of the fair transparency with the customers and maximum coverage as compared to other policies. The regulation of these policies are quite strict but this is because to prevent the possible frauds. The company ensures to provide the fair policies to the needful individuals.

The policies have many parts which cover many types of expenses during the treatment of the patients. The insurance group ensures to complete the financial needs of the patients in the meantime of treatment. This makes the patients stress free about the fiscal imbalance. The policyholders are bound to pay the timely premium rather than to pay the heavy late fine or severe termination of a plan. This makes the policy strong as the time passes with the timely payments. The adverse situations have the prime support of Medicare supplement plans.

Parts in the Medicare supplement plans:  Find a plan at

There are the coverage divides into various parts in these plans. To understand the complete policy the customer has to go through the complete policy and essential parts.

  • Part A:

The part A covers all the hospital coverage and also known the hospice insurance in legal terms. The part covers all the essential expenses of the hospital like the essential test, semi-private room with the proper food in the hospital. The patient since getting the admission in the hospital the medicare supplement plans provide the dated reimbursement as per the expense of the hospital. The maximum stay of the hospital as per the coverage is 90 days and in most adverse situations the coverage extends up to 160days of reimbursement.

  • Part B:

This part provides all the medical help right from the moment the problem is diagnosed in the patient. The medical help has the coverage relative to essential tests like x rays, dialysis, blood transfusions, organs transplantation etc. The part covers the facilities of private nurse and physicians too. The part B is completely optional and individuals can exclude it from their Medicare supplement plans. This eventually affects the premium payments of the policy.

There are also the part C and part D which are providing the remaining advantage in the treatment of the patients. The recent updating of the policy provides the abroad treatment and prescription payments but with complete authentication and examination.

Remunerative Features with the Medicare Supplement Plans Maintaining the Tenacious Financial Balance

The present time is dealing with the basic needs of having an insurance plan with all other essential facilities. These insurance plans cover the assets as well the liabilities. The health care insurance plans are the most mandatory plan which every individual need to have. The government enforces to have many plans for each age of an individual. This is because to protect the post-disease suffering in a stress-free manner with maintaining the financial stability and balance.

Even though the Medicare supplement plans don’t cover everything but many of the essential parts have the coverage in many parts of the plans. The government and insurance companies are trying hard to make people aware of every aspect of these plans. Along with that, they are trying to involve them in the truth and need to have the suitable insurance plan for themselves and their family. The families having the plans with Medicare and Medigap have the stabilized financial balance even though dealing with high-class treatment infamous institutions.


Salient features: Get a quote at

There are many phases and features of the Medicare supplement plans which people have to analyze before choosing the one for them. The plans contain much data to understand to pick the suitable plan as per their need of coverage and financial position. The features of these plans are promising and have the beneficial effect on human health with their coverage in all the designated associations.

  • The Medicare supplement plans are a part of a Medigap plan but have many updated coverage plans. The up gradation takes place by the recent audits with the patients and completely based on the essential needs required by them.
  • Each Medicare policy covers one person and there are no such policies which provide the family health insurance. Many frauds take place by the name of the Medigap policies. Hence people should be aware of the fact that a single policy covers a single individual in the family.
  • The policies covering the person health have the complete renewable procedure but the company enforces and motivates to pay the regular premium. This is because to get the continuous benefits of the plans with up gradation.
  • Each part of the Medicare supplement plans consists of the single base of Medigap policy. The coverage and regulations vary with the updating procedure. But the mandatory rules are same with the prime coverage in the first policy. The policies have all the coverage which provides financial relief to the patients.
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