Am I Medicare Supplement plan eligible if I own a Medicare Advantage plan?

Medicare supplement plans fail to work with the plans of Medicare Advantage. In case you plan to switch from original Medicare to the Advantage plan, there is a need for you to drop your Medicare Supplement plan ad you may be paying for the benefits that may not be used with Medicare Advantage Plan. However, if you are not certain if you have to go to Original Medicare or not, you must know it may be difficult to later get the Medicare supplement plan, in case of health problems, besides if you do not possess the guaranteed-issue rights.

Switching to Medicare Advantage and wanting to get back later to Traditional Medicare implies you can buy under certain situations Medicare supplement policy, if you are qualified for ‘trial rights’. Trial rights allow you to join for one-year the Medicare Advantage plan in case you are enrolling for the first time in Medicare Part C. In case, you are not happy with this plan, you can always return anytime to the Traditional Medicare within a year. However, if you dropped any of the Medicare Supplement plans to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans,  you can apply for the same policy that you previously had, in case the policy is available and is provided by the insurance company, same as before.

In case, Medicare Supplement Plans of the former are not available any longer, you may have a special trial to enrol in any plan A, B, C, F, K or L, provided in your state by any insurance company. You may have your Medicare Supplement Policy in effect with your Medicare advantage coverage such that the coverage is safeguarded. You may apply before 60 days prior to the end of Medicare Advantage coverage and not later than 63 days after the coverage plan ends.

You possess the right to buy certified Medicare Supplement Plans in other special situations and a few examples are:

  • Your Medicare Advantage plan stops giving services in the area you reside.
  • Your Medicare Advantage plan leaves the Medicare.
  • Your Medicare Supplement Insurance company breaks rules or goes bankrupt
  • You move away from the service area of Medicare Advantage plans.

Under such circumstances, you may buy any Medicare Supplement Plans sold in your state. Remember, to get back to Original Medicare to get a Medicare Supplement policy.

Tip: It is considered illegal to sell Medicare Supplement policy if a person knows you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plan, except that you switch to Original Medicare back.

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